Maychaim of Delicacies

KREPLACH -- Kosher Style Ravioli
KNUBBLE -- Chlorophyll's Press Agent
CHRANE -- A Jewish Eye-Opener
KNADEL -- Delayed Atom Bomb

RETACH -- Encore
TSIBELES -- All this and Herring, Too

Family Life

MISHPOCHEN -- Trouble Makers
M'CHOOTEN -- Ringleader
KANE EISHORREH -- Tommy Manville
NACHES -- Lunch at Art's
ZADEH -- Grandchild's Piggy Bank
GEDULT -- Getting the Teenager Off the Phone
HACKEN A TCHAINICH -- So I Sez, So She Sez, So I Sez

Traditions and Customs

A MICKVEH -- A Kosher Aquacade
A SCHOICKET -- A Cut-Throat
A SHANEH GELECHTER -- Belching on Yom Kippur
A GONSER KNOCHER -- A Monday Morning Quarterback
KLOPPEN KOP ON VANT -- Asking the Landlord to Paint
A SIMCHEH -- Marrying Off your Last Daughter
A FARSHLEPTEH KRENK -- Filling Our your Own Income Tax Form
A DREY KOP -- A Hair Dresser
FARBLUNDJET -- A Kosher Butcher in Ireland
TAKEH? -- A sandwich at Art's
L'CHAIM -- Famous Last Words
A SCHICKER -- A Jewish Wino
A FARGENIG -- EN A Date with Elizabeth Taylor
HELPHEN VIE A TOTTEN BANKE -- Talking Yourself Out of a Traffic Ticket
PAYGAH -- Our Competitor's Customers
UNTER-FEUHRER -- Undertaker
MITZVAH -- Liking Your Wife's New Hairdo
REBITZEN -- Rabbi's Brain Trust
A CHOOPEH -- Gallows
OI VAY -- April 15th
KINDER -- Drainage Ditches
BRIS -- Getting Tipped Off

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